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Northwestern State University's ACE division was established to make academic advising a higher priority university-wide and ensure all students receive consistent and accurate information.  Our goal is to support the University's mission in being responsive and student oriented.  Click here to access the "ACE Staff Contact Information" link on our ACE website. You may get contact information at the on our ACE website.

Our target cohort of advisees includes approximately 1500 students: 

  • All Associate of General Studies (AGS) majors.
  • All Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) majors. 
  • All NSU-Natchitoches Associate (ASN) and Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing majors.

For more information about academic advising, please visit our Academic and Career Engagement Center (ACE) website.


Steve Hicks
Executive Director
Academic & Career Engagement Center
239 Kyser Hall